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NukeNet is an email discussion list for distribution of news, factsheets and action alerts regarding nuclear issues, predominantly nuclear power and nuclear waste.

NukeNet was formed shortly after the Conference around the 15th anniversary of the Three Mile Island (TMI) accident in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. This conference took place on March 28, 1994, 15 years after the partial meltdown of the TMI nuclear power plant.

NukeNet seeks to ultimately make available as much low-volume, high-content information as possible. NukeNet exists as an information-sharing forum for the anti-nuclear movement.


To subscribe, use the form at http://energyjustice.net/mailman/listinfo/nukenet_energyjustice.net.


The following guidelines apply to the NukeNet list:

  • Action alerts, conference announcements, fact sheets, important news articles or brief status reports on a key struggle are all fair game for NukeNet distribution.
  • Posted material should be as short and to-the-point as possible.
  • Posted material should be of concern to other activists other than those involved in your local struggle. (e.g. the reopening of the Barnwell, South Carolina "low-level" nuke waste dump has implications in the siting processes in many other states.)

Other General List 'Netiquitte'

  • Don't overpost. If a lot of the lists' mail is from you, people will start ignoring your postings regardless of what you have to say. Give other people space to contribute.
  • Make the subject line useful ("URGENT ACTION REQUIRED" fails to state the topic)
  • Spell out acronyms.
  • Provide new information - please refrain from posting a message that reiterates something that was recently sent out.
  • Avoid sending attachments. Instead, copy the text into the message, put the file on a website, or offer to send it to those who are interested.
  • Avoid using all capital letters - IT'S LIKE SHOUTING.
  • Clean up your messages.
    • Remove extra carriage returns at the end of each line (they should only be after each paragraph) so that the message doesn't get mangled by the list processor. The listprocessor chops things off after 79 characters.
    • Remove unnecessary quoting (quotes are the text preceded by '>' symbols that appears in your message when you reply to someone or forward a message). If replying to a message, please try to quote selective parts of a message you're responding to, when such quotes are necessary to put your response in context.
    • Avoid special formatting like colored text, boldfacing/underlining/italics and font size changes (these often don't appear normally on certain email readers).
    • Avoid sending messages with over a dozen recipients listed in the header. Consider doing such mass mailings using the "Bcc:" (blind carbon copy) line or send the NukeNet posting in a separate message, if needed.

Messages are inappropriate for these lists if they are...

  • dated (no longer relevant).
  • shameless self-promotions or fund-raising gimmicks.
  • personal attacks (it is o.k. to criticize someone's ideas, but not to call the person stupid or engage in ad hominem attacks).
  • too long (anything over 200K should be checked to see if it needs to be that long). Try to summarize articles or refer people to a website for more details on an issue.


There are many experienced activists on the NukeNet list. Should you need information on a certain issue, there is most likely someone on NukeNet who can answer your question.

NukeNet was founded by Mike Ewall.