Below is a list of facilities that burn tires. In all likelihood, it is incomplete. Please contact us if you know of other such facilities. The list is in alphabetical order by state. BC is British Columbia. QC is Quebec. All other abbreviations are U.S. states. The sources are listed at the bottom of the page.

Most of the plants listed below currently burn tires. However, there are also a number of plants listed that stopped burning tires, have a permit to burn tires, or have been determined "at risk" for tire incineration by the source researchers. We will keep this list as up to date as possible, but there is always a possibility that the information for any given facility is outdated. Before attempting to campaign against any of these facilities it is advisable to double check the plant's current status yourself first.

A more recent list of facilities currently burning TDF can be found near the end of the Rubber Manufacturers Association's "U.S. Scrap Tire Markets 2005" report.

State Town County Company Plant Type Other Fuels Burned Operating? Source Misc
AL Leeds   Lehigh Leeds Cement   Yes [1]  
AL Theodore   Holcim   Cement   Yes [1]  
AL Mobile   IPSCO Steel   Electric Arc Furnace   Yes    
AR Foreman   Ash Grove   Cement   Yes    
AZ Tucson   California Portland Rillito Cement   Yes [1]  
BC Port Alberni   Pacifica Papers   Specialty Paper (1200 tonnes/day lightweight coated, telephone directory and newsprint)   Yes [4] Fought by Alberni Environmental Coalition
BC Richmond   LaFarge   Cement   Yes [1]  
BC Tilbury   CBR   Cement   Yes [1]  
CA Baja   Cemex   Cement   Yes [1]  
CA Cupertino Santa Clara Kaiser Cement   Cement   Attempting (?) [1]  
CA Davenport (near Santa Cruz) Santa Cruz RMC Lonestar Davenport     Attempted [3]  
CA Lebec Kern National Cement Co.   Cement Burned Hazardous Waste Until 8/97 No (Stopped by Activists) [3]  
CA Lucerne Valley San Bernardino Mitsubishi Cement Co. Cushenbury Cement   Yes [1]  
CA Modesto   Modesto Energy Limited Partnership (MELP)   Dedicated Tire Incinerator   No (Shut down after uncontrolled tire fire adjacent to plant) [3]  
CA Mojave Kern California Portland Mojave Cement   Attempting [1]  
CA Monolith Kern Calaveras Cement Co.   Cement Coal and Coke "At Risk" [3]  
CA Ora Grande   Riverside   Cement   Attempted [1]  
CA Redding   California Portland   Cement   Yes [1]  
CA Redding Shasta (near Mountain Gate) Calaveras Cement Co.       Yes [3]  
CA Riverside Riverside Riverside Cement Co. Crestmore Cement Fuel oil "At Risk" [3]  
CA San Bernardino San Bernardino California Portland Colton Cement Industrial Wastes Yes [3]  
CA Victorville San Bernardino Southwestern Portland Cement Quarry Cement   Yes [3]  
CO Portland   Holnam   Cement   Yes [1]  
CO Lyons Larimer Cemex   Cement   Tire Burning Halted During 2007   Fought by St. Vrain Valley Community Watchdogs, Colorado Citizens Campaign, Mothers Against Burning Tires and Rocky Mountain Clean Air Action.
CT Sterling Windham Exeter Energy Limited Partnership   Dedicated Tire Incinerator Tires Yes [8] Burns 10-11 million tires/year. Went online in 1991. See violation track record.
FL Brooksville Hernando FL Crushed Stone   Cement   Yes [1]  
FL Brooksville Hernando Southdown   Cement   Yes [1]  
FL Newberry Alachua Florida Rock Industries Newberry Cement Plant Cement       Permitted to burn 3.5 million tires/year.
FL Ridge   Wheelabrator Technologies Ridge Incinerator Wood, Tires, Landfill gas   [8]  
FL Suwannee Suwannee Suwannee American (Anderson-Columbia)   Cement   Seeking Permit [6] Fought by Save The Ichetucknee River
GA Clinchfield   Medusa   Cement   Yes [1]  
IA Mason City   Holcim   Cement   Yes [1]  
ID Inkom   Ash Grove   Cement   Yes [1]  
IL Ford Heights Cook KTI Inc. / Casella Waste Systems   Dedicated Tire Incinerator TDF No [8] Was to burn 3 million tires/year. Went online in 1996, operation for 10 days and went bankrupt.

In 2005, Geneva Energy, LLC is applying for a permit to restart this facility and burn the equivalent of 700 passenger tires per hour.

IL LaSalle   Illinois Cement   Cement   Yes [1]  
IL Oglesby   Lone Star   Cement   Yes [1]  
KS Humboldt   Monarch   Cement   Yes [1]  
MD Frederick   ESSROC   Cement   Yes [1]  
MD Hagerstown   Independent   Cement   Yes [1]  
MD Hagerstown   St. Lawrence   Cement Coal and/or waste oil Has permit [4]  
MD Union Bridge   Lehigh   Cement   Yes [1]  
MN Preston Fillmore Heartland Energy and Recycling   Dedicated Tire Incinerator TDF Defeated in 2005   Would have been the world's largest tire incinerator. See Southeastern Minnesotans for Environmental Protection for info.
MO Cape Girardea   Lone Star   Cement   Yes [1]  
MO Clarksville   Holcim   Cement   Yes [1]  
MO Columbia   Missouri University   Power plant (produces steam and electricity to entire university) coal and up to 20% tires Yes [2]  
NE Norfolk Madison Nucor Steel Nucor Steel Nebraska Electric Arc Furnace TDF Yes   Started in March 2002.
NE Louisville Cass Ash Grove Cement Louisville Plant Cement TDF Proposed   Test Burns in 2004-2005.
NS Brookfield &nbsp LaFarge Cement Brookfield Plant Cement TDF Proposed   Fought by Citizens Against Burning of Tires
NY Hempstead Nassau American Ref-Fuel   Trash Incinerator Municipal Waste, Tires Yes [8]  
NY Hudson Columbia Holcim / St. Lawrence Cement   Cement Tires a possibility Defeated   Proposed kiln stopped by Friends of Hudson.
NY Ravena Albany Lafarge   Cement   Proposed   Plans to burn 5 million tires/year. Fought by Friends of Hudson.
NY Ticonderoga Essex International Paper   Paper Mill Coal (TDF proposed) No   Fought by People for Less Pollution and Northeast Clean Air Coalition. IP started a test burn in late 2006 and gave up when test data showed unacceptably high emissions.
NY Auburn Cayuga Nucor Steel Nucor Auburn Electric Arc Furnace TDF Yes   Started in 2002. Capable of burning 800 tons TDF/day
NY Niagara Falls Niagara WPS Empire State   Power Plant Coal, petroleum coke, wood chips and TDF Yes   Uses Circulating Fluidized Bed boilers
OR Durkee   Pt. Ash Grove   Cement   Yes [1]  
OH Fairborn Montgomery Cemex Cemex, Fairborn Cement Petroleum Coke Permit to Test Burn   Fought by Green Environmental Coalition
PA Erie Erie Erie Renewable Energy LLC (Energy Products of Idaho and Caletta Renewable Energy) International Paper Site Dedicated Tire Incinerator   Proposed   800 tons tires/day; 70 megawatts of electricity production. Opposition website here.
PA Northampton Northampton PG & E National Energy Group Northampton Generating LP Waste Coal Burning Power Plant   Proposed    
PA Bessemer Lawrence ESSROC   Cement   Yes [5]  
PA Point Twp. Northumberland Tractebel/Viking Energy   Wood Burner Wood No   Tried twice to burn tires, with encouragement from state DEP. Community opposition stopped both attempts.
PA Allentown Lehigh Lehigh   Cement   Yes [1]  
PA Whitehall   LaFarge   Cement   Yes [1]  
PA Chester Delaware Kimberly-Clark   Paper mill (tissue products)   No [7] This is a case of environmental racism. DEP allowed a trial burn in 1999, but later denied the full permit. Denial is under appeal. See
PA Ebensberg Cambria El Paso Corp. Cambria Cogen Power Plant Waste Coal No (Trial burn in '96) [4]  
PA Evansville   Lehigh Portland Cement   Cement ? ? [5]  
PA Lock Haven   International Paper   Paper   No (Shut down June 2002) [5] Burned tires from 1997-2002.
QC Joliette   St. Lawrence   Cement   Yes [1]  
RI     Caletta Renewable Energy   Tire and Trash Incinerator Municipal Solid Waste Proposed    
SC Harleyville   Blue Circle   Cement   Yes [1]  
TN Chattanooga   Signal Mt.   Cement   Yes [1]  
TX Buda Hays Texas Lehigh Cement Plant   Cement   Proposed    
TX Midlothian   Holcim   Cement   Yes [1]  
TX Midlothian   No.Tex.Cem   Cement   Yes [1]  
UT Devil's Slide   Holcim   Cement   Yes [1]  
UT Leamington   Ash Grove   Cement   Yes [1]  
WA Seattle   Ash Grove   Cement   Yes [1]  
WA Seattle   Holcim   Cement   Yes [1]  
WI Ashland Ashland Xcel Bay Front Coal Power Plant Wood waste, Tires, coal Yes [9] 2000 tpy of tires
WV Grant Town Marion American Bituminous Power LP Grant Town Power Plant Power Plant Waste Coal and TDF ?   May have only burned TDF temporarily.
WV Martinsburg

  Capitol Cement   Cement coal would soon experiment with TDF [4]  

Groups Opposed to Tire Incineration


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